Hello! My name is Taylor Stirm and I have been teaching clarinet lessons since 2017. I am an experienced teacher of all levels, from beginners to college-level students. We work together in lessons to help you achieve your goals. My students feel comfortable and supported as they create and explore all that music has to offer.

I have taught private clarinet lessons since 2017 to students of all skill levels, from beginners to college-level students. I currently teach out of locations in:

I create a comfortable learning environment in lessons where my students feel supported in learning, creating, and exploring music related to their interests and goals. I tailor my curriculum to each individual student, and we check in regularly about progress. Whether your goals are to audition for All-State or explore all different kinds of music, I can help you get there!

I believe in a well-rounded approach to develop a solid foundation of fundamental skills such as an effective embouchure, comfortable body position and efficient finger technique. To accomplish this, weekly lessons will be planned and structured to include time for fundamental work including scales, articulation exercises and other studies, with the focus being working on music.

Contact me and let’s chat about what lessons can do for you!

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